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PQ253 Photochemical reactor


PQ253 Photochemical reactor
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The PQ series reactors are top-illuminated photocatalytic reactors, with the option of a quartz flat plate or a quartz water jacket as the window, made from JGS-2 quartz material. They can be used for liquid-solid phase photocatalytic degradation reactions, among other applications. During the reaction process, the reactor is equipped with a sampling port, allowing manual collection of liquid samples for analysis. Based on specific requirements, the reactor can be customized with additional ports, sampling ports, glass valves, or constant temperature water jackets. The expansion port is a standard grinding port, which can be connected to compatible accessories. Vacuum pumping can be performed on the reactor before the experiment starts, or additional reagents can be added during the reaction process. The sampling port uses a glass external thread process to fix the sample pad, allowing sampling from the closed reaction system without opening the reactor.

The PQ series reactors offer excellent airtightness and are also suitable for photocatalytic reactions involving gases. To control the reaction atmosphere, it is often necessary to purge the residual volume in the reactor and the gases dissolved in the reaction liquid. Therefore, the reactor is typically equipped with gas inlet and outlet ports for gas sweeping.


Technical Specifications

Quartz flat plate cover (Φ110*8);

Total volume approximately 350 mL for the glass reactor body;

Effective volume approximately 150 mL;

Flange connection, sealed with sealing ring;

Inlet/sampling port for photocatalytic degradation experiments;

Equipped with two standard 19/26 grinding ports;

Constant temperature water jacket.


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