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Offline Photoreactor reactor离线光反应器

Internal illumination reactor


Internal illumination reactor
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According to the relative positioning of the light source and the reactor, whether they can be separated spatially by a plane, photocatalytic reactors can be classified into internal illumination reactors (also known as built-in reactors) and external illumination reactors (also known as external reactors). Internal illumination reactors typically consist of a cold trap and a reactor. The primary function of the cold trap is to lower the lamp temperature and filter out most of the infrared heat. Depending on the material, the cold trap is available in quartz glass and high borosilicate glass versions; in comparison, the former can also be used for ultraviolet photochemical studies with a wavelength range of 200~330 nm. The exterior of the cold trap houses the reactor containing the reaction medium, typically made of high borosilicate glass, and is available in various configurations.

Available specifications: 250 mL and 500 mL, other specifications are customizable.

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