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PLS-SME400E H1 Xenon Lamp Light Source

The PLS-SME400E H1 Xenon Lamp Light Source is a research-grade light source for photocatalysis (photochemistry), providing strong spectral output from the ultraviolet to near-infrared range. It is widely used in research areas such as photocatalytic water
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PLS-SME400E H1 Xenon Light Source is a research-grade light source for photocatalysis (photochemistry), providing intense spectral output from ultraviolet to near-infrared regions. Widely used in research areas such as photocatalytic hydrogen production, photodegradation of pollutants, various simulated sunlight visible light accelerated experiments, and various simulated sunlight ultraviolet band accelerated experiments. The light source can achieve high energy density and long-term continuous irradiation. When combined with various filter combinations, it can achieve narrow-band catalyst improvement effect evaluation and overall broadband catalytic effect evaluation. This product can be used with various reactors (systems) to complete online and offline analysis experiments in solid, liquid, and gas phases. This series of light sources can expand the research scope beyond the Earth's atmosphere solar spectrum.

Key Features

● Brand new optical structure design, greatly improving light efficiency, especially suitable for photo-thermal catalytic reactions;

● Upper computer software control, allowing control and monitoring of the light source status through a computer;

● Has a timed shutdown function to help users arrange experimental time rationally;

● Absolute light intensity mode, allowing comparison of light intensity between different light sources in the same series;

● Uses a new bulb model to enhance light power output;

● More accessories for a wider range of applications.

Application Fields

▲ Particularly applicable △ Relatively applicable ○ Can be used


▲ Photocatalytic reactions (photocatalytic decomposition of water for hydrogen/oxygen, full photocatalytic decomposition of water, photocatalytic CO₂ reduction; photodegradation of VOCs, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and other gas pollutants; photodegradation of liquid pollutants; membrane photocatalysis, etc.)

▲ Photo-thermal catalytic reactions (photo-thermal CO₂ reduction, seawater evaporation, etc.)

△ Photoelectrocatalytic testing (PEC photoelectrochemistry, solar cell testing, surface photovoltage spectrum, etc.)

△ Light testing (accelerated experiments, quantum yield testing, etc.)

○ Biological optics (material light resistance experiments, etc.)

Technical Parameters

Basic Parameters
Bulb Power 400 W
Power Instantaneous Stability ±0.3% (power)
Current Display Method Digital display
Control Method
Operating Mode Electric control mode, light control mode, absolute light intensity mode
Maximum Adjustable Current <30 A
Bulb Lifetime >1000 h (meets the intensity requirements under normal photocatalysis conditions)
Trigger Mode Integrated high-voltage trigger (two-stage voltage with no high-voltage transmission)
Light Output Characteristics
Total Light Power 100 W
Maximum Light Intensity Output 4000 mW/cm2
Spectral Range 350-1000 nm
Light Source Divergence Angle Average 6°
Light Spot Diameter Above 30 mm
With Filter Ultraviolet, visible light, near-infrared, and narrow-band light
Light Source Stability
Long-term instability ≤±3%
Microprocessor-based programmable all-digital power management
Brand new power design, safer and more reliable
Related Accessories
PLR-RP Series Photothermal Catalytic Reaction Evaluation Device Lens assembly
PLR-PStr II Photothermal Catalytic Reaction Instrument Right-angle light guide column accessory
Filter Accessories Single, double, and multiple piece combination accessories
Base Lifting base module
No high-voltage transmission characteristics of lamp-box power cable
Fan failure protection, automatic startup, shutdown delay
Overload, overcurrent automatic power-off protection
A xenon lamp-based integrated heat dissipation structure (patent number: 201320740323.5)
Optional Accessories
Light Source Accessories (optional) Fiber optic components, uniform illuminator, liquid filter, light guide tube, electric lifting table, shutter, five-point light intensity measurement component
Built-in filter scheme (optional) Bandpass filter, cutoff filter, solar spectrum calibration filter, attenuator
Light protection scheme (optional) Light protection glasses, light protection box
Light source measurement scheme (optional) Light power meter, fiber optic spectrometer
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