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xenon light source氙灯

PLS-ILS Integrated Spherical Xenon Lamp Light Source


PLS-ILS Integrated Spherical Xenon Lamp Light Source
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Key Features

● Integrated lamp box and power supply unit, compact size, and high cost-effectiveness;

● Compatible with lamps of different power ratings;

● High light source power with greater total optical power;

● Standardized treatment of xenon lamp bulbs for easy replacement, plug-and-play.


Application Areas

▲ Particularly Suitable ● Moderately Suitable ○ Can Be Used

▲ Photocatalytic Water Splitting for Hydrogen/Oxygen ▲ Photocatalytic Full Water Splitting ▲ Photocatalytic CO₂ Reduction

● Photodegradation of Gaseous Pollutants (e.g., VOCs, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides)

● Photodegradation of Liquid Pollutants (e.g., dyes, benzene, and related compounds)

○ Photosynthesis ○ PEC Photoelectrochemistry ○ Photochromism ○ Membrane Photocatalysis


Basic Parameters

● Lamp Power: 250 W/350 W optional;

● Current Display Mode: Digital Display;

● Operating Mode: Program Control Mode;

● Current Adjustment Range: 9~16 A;

● Lamp Lifetime: >1000 h (meets the light intensity requirements under normal photocatalytic conditions);


Light Output Characteristics

● Total Optical Power: 50 W;

● Light Output Intensity: ≥2000 mW/cm²;

● Spectral Range: 320~780 nm, extendable to 2500 nm;

● Light Source Reflection Angle: <10°;

● Beam Diameter: ≥50 mm (depending on distance);


Light Source Stability

● Long-term Instability: ≤±3%;

● Microprocessor-based Programmed All-Digital Power Supply Management;



● Fan Failure Protection, Auto Startup, Shutdown Delay;

● Overload, Overcurrent Automatic Power Off Protection;

● Self-designed Heat Dissipation Structure;


Optional Light Source Accessories

● Light Source Accessories (Optional): Fiber Optic Components, Light Homogenizer, Liquid Light Filters, Light Guide Tubes, Electric Lifting Platform, Shutter, Five-Point Method Light Intensity Measurement Components;

● Built-in Filter Solution (Optional): Bandpass Filters, Cutoff Filters, Solar Spectrum Calibration Filters, Attenuation Sheets;

● Light Protection Solution (Optional): Light Protection Glass, Light Protection Box;

● Light Source Measurement Solution (Optional): Light Power Meter, Fiber Optic Spectrometer;

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  • 光催化全分解水
  • 光催化CO2还原
  • 光降解气体污染物
  • 光降解液体污染物
  • 光合成
  • PEC光电化学
  • 光致变色
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