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PLS-LA320A Uniform light modulator


PLS-LA320A Uniform light modulator
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In experiments such as photocatalytic reactions, gas-solid phase reactions, and solar cell testing, the fixed positions of photoelectrodes, solid reaction powders, or solar cell panels within the xenon lamp light source's illuminated area can introduce errors due to the unevenness of the xenon lamp light source's output, particularly leading to significant errors in repetitive experiments.

The PLS-LA320A homogenizer can be directly installed at the turning head of the xenon lamp light source.

Key Features

● The original unevenness of the xenon lamp light source is reduced from 80% to below 17%, meeting the requirements for uniform light in certain photochemical experiments.

● It possesses excellent mechanical strength, a low thermal expansion coefficient, and resistance to thermal deformation, among other physical and mechanical properties.

● Made of all-black aluminum alloy material, with precision adjustment threaded connections, it's easy to install and operate.

Application Fields

▲ Particularly suitable   ● Quite suitable   ○ Can be used

● Suitable for use with the 300W series xenon lamps.



  • Compatible with 300W series xenon lamps
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