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PLS-LAH320A Adjustable Light Homogenizer

PLS-LAH320A 可调匀光器

PLS-LAH320A Adjustable Light Homogenizer
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In experiments such as photocatalytic reactions, gas-solid phase reactions, and solar cell testing, where the position of the photoelectrode, reaction solid powder, or solar cell panel is fixed within the range of the xenon lamp's illuminated spot, the non-uniformity of the xenon lamp's spot can introduce errors into the experimental measurements. This can be especially problematic for repetitive experiments.

The PLS-LAH320A Adjustable Light Homogenizer, composed of a homogenizer and a spot-adjustable lens, offers more flexibility in adjusting the spot size and achieves higher spot uniformity compared to the PLS-LA320A homogenizer.

Spot Characteristics: Illumination distance 20 cm, spot diameter 30 mm, spot uniformity >95%.

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