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S5000-UV-NIR Microfiber Spectrometer


S5000-UV-NIR Microfiber Spectrometer
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A spectrometer is an optical instrument used for optical research and material analysis based on the principle of light dispersion. A fiber optic spectrometer is a type of spectrometer known for its portability and ease of use. 

In photocalysis, photoelectrocatalysis, and photothermal catalysis research, fiber optic spectrometers are primarily used to measure the emission spectrum of the light source used in experiments. They can measure the relationship between light intensity and wavelength or frequency. 

The S5000-VIS-NIR microfiber optic spectrometer is a fiber optic spectrometer designed for the visible to near-infrared range. It features a wide spectral range, high resolution, high sensitivity, and excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Data can be exported in txt or excel format, making it convenient for spectrum plotting.

Microfiber Optic Spectrometer

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