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Recruitment Announcement: Perfectlight Technology welcomes you to join us!


Position Summary: Implementation Engineers (3 positions), Product Engineers (2 positions), Sales Representatives (10 positions)

Welcome to explore job opportunities at Perfectlight Technology. Applicants can send their resumes to:


Implementation Engineers - 3 positions

Job Description

1. Communicate with users about pre-implementation preparations and preliminary project installation sequence based on the user's readiness in the responsible area;

2. Offline installation and training of photocatalysis and related equipment, including company-produced reaction devices, gas chromatography, xenon light sources, etc. Training includes equipment operation procedures, routine maintenance, and common problem-solving;

3. Customer relationship maintenance, including daily visits to users in charge of using equipment, assisting with experiments, and answering routine questions;

4. Online or offline equipment maintenance and after-sales service;

5. Research on similar instruments in the market;

6. Writing standard documents, including documents and videos;

7. Location: Beijing, Wuhan, Xi'an.



1. Bachelor's degree or higher in a chemistry-related field;

2. Willingness to travel and work hard;

3. Good communication skills to communicate with users about pre-installation preparations and requirements;

4. Strong logical thinking to effectively communicate and solve problems with users.


Product Engineers - 2 positions

Job Description

1. Daily product management, including product file establishment, product testing, and application terminal debugging;

2. Responsible for technical support of products, cooperate with sales to provide product support for customer's daily technical needs, answer customer's questions about company products, and formulate basic customer demand responses;

3. Responsible for product-related sales training;

4. Responsible for supplier technical communication, in the process of product development, testing, promotion, and sales, responsible for supplier technical interface work, including proposing product technical requirements and basic performance evaluation;

5. Preparation and organization of company product publicity materials, technical materials, and document compilation;

6. Proficient use of products, expand the application field of products;

7. Responsible for the production and update of marketing materials, offline exhibition technical support, including product demonstrations and technical answers, proficiently explaining product performance characteristics, and displaying the company's products and services;

8. Location: Beijing.



1. Bachelor's degree or higher in a chemistry-related field, work experience in the field of photocatalysis is preferred;

2. Able to travel for work;

3. Strong communication and summarization skills, able to provide technical support to sales;

4. Strong logical thinking to effectively communicate and solve problems with users.


Sales Representatives - 10 positions

Job Description

1. According to the company's overall strategy and business objectives, responsible for the development and maintenance of the higher education market in the local area, and achieve annual sales targets;

2. Responsible for the promotion and operation of all projects in the local area, and maintain customer relationships;

3. Responsible for the development, cooperation, relationship maintenance, and improvement of local agents;

4. Collect and feedback industry policies, competitor information, customer information, etc., and provide suggestions and information support for marketing decisions and company brand building;

5. Submit weekly and monthly reports on time, and complete ad-hoc tasks assigned by superiors;

6. Location: Beijing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Zhenjiang.



1. College degree or above, with at least 1 year of experience in instrument sales;

2. Ability to think independently and solve problems;

3. Strong teamwork and customer service awareness;

4. Passion for sales work, good communication skills, and language expression;

5. Willingness to accept challenges, work with enthusiasm, strong execution, and ability to withstand pressure, and adapt to short-term business trips;

6. Familiar with the bidding and procurement workflow, candidates with experience in teaching instrument sales are preferred;

7. Candidates with relevant customer resources are preferred;


Company Benefits: Five insurances and one fund, supplementary medical care, weekends off, paid annual leave, holiday benefits, performance bonuses, regular health check-ups, regular team-building activities, professional career planning, and professional training

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