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FZ-A Optical power meter


The FZ-A type radiometer is a portable, auto-ranging test instrument. It utilizes SMT surface-mount technology, high-precision, low-power consumption digital chips, and features a streamlined exterior design. The detector undergoes rigorous calibration fo
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In order to ensure the repeatability and accuracy of experiments, it is necessary to measure the light irradiance using a light power meter before each photocatalysis experiment. Different models of light power meters should be selected based on the light source intensity and spectral distribution.

The FZ-A type radiometer is a portable, auto-ranging test instrument. It employs SMT surface-mount technology and utilizes high-precision, low-power consumption digital chips. The instrument's exterior features a streamlined design, and the detector undergoes strict calibration for spectral and angular characteristics, ensuring stable performance and high versatility. It can be used to measure visible light irradiance.

Main Technical Specifications

● Wavelength Range (λ): 400 nm~1000 nm calibrated using a tungsten lamp, suitable for measuring near AM1.5 G solar spectra (400-1000 nm);

● Irradiance Measurement Range: (0.1-1.999×105) μW/cm;

● Non-linearity, range switching, fatigue characteristics, etc., errors all comply with national first-class illuminance meter standards.

● Accuracy: ±5% (relative to NIM standards);

● Cosine Characteristics Error: f2 ≤ 4%;

● Response Time: 1 s;

● Operating Environment: Temperature (0~40) ℃; Humidity <85% RH;

● Size and Weight: 160 mm (L)×78 mm (W)×43 mm (H), 0.2 kg;

● Power Supply: Typically powered by 1 piece of 6F22 9V laminated battery, can also be powered via a data cable connected to a USB interface or a 5V power adapter, with total power consumption <0.1 VA;

● Probe: FZ-A probe; Diameter: 27 mm; Head Height: 21.5 mm; Photosensitive Hole: 7 mm.

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