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PLS-FTC Five-Point Method Light Power Density Measurement Component


Because the light power density distribution of the xenon lamp light source's output spot is not uniform, it is necessary to measure the light power density at five points within the circular spot and calculate the average light power density using a for
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PFS40A Shutter.jpg

Key Features

● Enables rapid single opening and closing of light irradiation without turning off the light source;

● Φ40 mm extra-large aperture to meet the output control requirements for high-power, high-intensity light beams;

● Unique blade-driven active cooling technology; (Patent Name: Fully Automatic Chopper, Patent No.: 2016203097588)

● Independent power supply design, capable of simultaneously installing two shutter execution modules, saving experimental space and costs.


Application Fields

▲ Particularly suitable   ● Quite suitable  ○ Can be used

▲ Specialized device for PEC photochemical chopper


Technical Specifications

● Timer time control range: 1 s~30 min;

● Aperture diameter: Φ40 mm;

● Heat dissipation structure: Unique air-cooled heat dissipation structure, capable of withstanding strong light irradiation of not less than 100 W; (Patent Name: Fully Automatic Chopper, Patent No.: 2016203097588)

● Controller: One controller can simultaneously control two shutters, operating independently;

● Time setting: Independent setting for opening and closing times;

● Step setting: Limited number of times (step limit 9999 times), unlimited times;

● Display mode: LCD display screen, independent display of operation times for both shutters;

● Shutter bracket: Multi-functional bracket, adjustable height. Equipped with a dedicated bracket, shutter position can be adjusted at multiple angles.

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