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surface photovoltage表面光电压

PL-TPV Transient surface photovoltage spectrometer


The PL-TPV transient surface photovoltage spectrometer can intuitively reflect the separation direction, separation efficiency, and charge lifetime of photogenerated charges, as well as other dynamic information. Key components are all equipped with impor
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Key Features

● All key components utilize original imported equipment, including Nd: YAG laser, preamplifier, photomultiplier tube, energy meter, etc;

● Intuitively reflects the dynamic information such as the separation direction, separation efficiency, and charge lifetime of photogenerated charges;

● An effective means to study the behavior of photogenerated charges on a nanosecond scale, with advantages such as non-contact and non-destructive testing;

● Long-term in-depth collaboration with Professor Dejun Wang from Jilin University, offering technical services including instrument usage, spectrum analysis, and data interpretation.



▲ Particularly Suitable ● Moderately Suitable  ○ Applicable   

▲ Study the dynamic information of photogenerated charge separation;

● Drift during photogenerated charge separation process;

● Diffusion during photogenerated charge separation process;

▲ Study the information of photogenerated charge separation and recombination process;

● Speed of separation;

● Separation direction;

● Separation mode;


Technical Specifications

● Nd:YAG Laser: Pulse Width: 6~8 ns; Laser Spot Size: 4.5 mm; Laser Output Energy: 330 mJ@1064 nm, 160 mJ@532 nm, 60 mJ@355 nm; Laser Output Frequency: ≤20 Hz

● Preamplifier: Input Impedance: 100 MΩ; Output Impedance: 1 kΩ; Frequency: 1 GHz

● Digital Oscilloscope: Bandwidth: 500 MHz; Channels: 4, Rise Time: 5 ns;

● Energy Meter: Range: 10 μJ ~150 mJ  


Typical Clients

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