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ZKRT-D organic waste gas cold incineration purification equipment


ZKRT-D organic waste gas cold incineration purification equipment
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The ZKRT series products are organic waste gas purification devices developed by the research team at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, based on innovative adsorption-driven gas-phase advanced oxidation technology. This technology seamlessly integrates the rapid purification ability of the adsorption process with the deep oxidation ability of the UV-Fenton process, offering a groundbreaking cold incineration solution for low concentration, high-risk, and odorous organic waste gas emissions. The equipment, designed with modular flexibility, features intelligent control and remote IoT capabilities for single-machine expansion.

Technical Advantages and Principles:

Traditional low-concentration, odorous VOCs treatment technologies can be divided into two categories:

1. Transfer technology, commonly seen in activated carbon adsorption, where VOCs are not eliminated but enriched and transferred, leading to secondary pollution, hazardous waste management, and flammability issues.

2. Destruction technology, such as regenerative and catalytic combustion. However, in the field of low-concentration VOCs purification, the conditions for regenerative combustion are insufficient due to low VOCs concentration, making it impossible for destruction. Additionally, these methods involve high costs and significant safety hazards.

As for catalytic combustion technology, limited by light sources and equipment size, VOCs retention time is often insufficient, and VOCs purification efficiency falls short of the ideal value.

ZKRT Cold Incineration Adsorption Catalytic Integrated Machine Solution

Compared to traditional processes, ZKRT adsorption-driven advanced oxidation cold incineration technology perfectly and effectively integrates the rapid enrichment of the adsorption process with the thorough destruction of the low-temperature catalytic process. By achieving closed-loop in-situ regeneration within the equipment, it addresses the pain points of the industry technology, realizing a new industry standard for the efficiency, safety, and sustainable development of low-concentration VOCs purification projects.

Cold Incineration Equipment Diagram.jpg

Figure 1. Cold Incineration Equipment Diagram

Product Highlights

● Integrated modular design for easy operation and maintenance;

● Equipped with self-cleaning pre-filter, less prone to blockage, extended lifespan;

● Utilizes cold incineration treatment process;

● Features online monitoring via IoT platform, enabling remote monitoring;

● Adsorption catalyst has in-situ regeneration capability, with a lifespan of ≥2 years for one-time use, producing no secondary pollution during use;

● Equipped with alarm indicators and comprehensive protection measures, ensuring safety and reliability.

Technical Specifications

Control System: ZKRT-S01 

Power Supply: 220V AC 50 Hz 

Equipment Power: 1.5~48 kW 

Filter Lifespan: ≥2 years 

Light Source Lifespan: 8000 h 

Operating Temperature: -10℃~85℃ 

Single Machine Weight: 100 kg 

Processing Air Volume: 200~50000 m3/h 

Processing Concentration: 0.1~200 mg/m3 

Emission Standard: GB16297/China Environmental Protection Federation T-ACEF2019

Cold Incineration VOCs Purification Integrated Machine Selection Guide.jpg

Figure 2. Selection Guide

Application Scenarios

Home Air Purification: With outdoor smoke, particulates, and VOCs infiltrating indoors and harming our bodies, ZKRT protects your health with its unique technology. Unlike many other air purifiers, there is no need to replace the filter every year or periodically. The ZKRT cold incineration integrated machine has disinfection, antibacterial, and VOCs adsorption and decomposition functions.

Scientific Research Laboratory Waste Gas Purification: Zhongke Ruiteng has completed the installation and operation of cold incineration equipment in multiple research institutes. In the field of low-concentration VOCs purification in laboratories, it has mature technology and reliable solutions. Compared to traditional VOCs purification technology, ZKRT cold incineration technology is more in line with market demand and customer expectations.

Industrial Low-Concentration VOCs Purification: ZKRT provides a new cold incineration technology solution, offering technical services and customized equipment and supporting equipment services for low-concentration VOCs emissions in industrial production and processing workshops.

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