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PLD-HGCSO20 High-Pressure Automatic Gas Distribution System

PLD-HGCSO20 高压自动配气装置

PLD-HGCSO20 High-Pressure Automatic Gas Distribution System
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The PLD-HGCSO20 high-pressure automatic gas distribution device uses integrated PLC control to achieve functions such as gas distribution, pressure control, and pressure measurement. It can control gas distribution ratios and system pressure through various flow rates.

Using dynamic gas distribution, compared to the traditional method of relying on gas cylinders to achieve pressure in reaction setups, it can control the gas composition inside the reaction setup while being safer and more reliable.


Key Features

● Dynamic gas distribution, maximum outlet pressure 2 MPa;

● Compact structure, touchscreen control;

● Selectable flow range, type can be calibrated;



▲ Particularly suitable ● Relatively suitable 〇 Can be used

▲ Atmosphere control in the system

PLD-HGCSO20 High-Pressure Automatic Gas Distribution Device.jpg

Product Specifications

● Flow control accuracy: ±1%F.S 

● Controllable flow range: 4%~100%F.S

● Single-channel flow: 15 mL/min, customizable

● Inlet airway restriction: 3 channels

● Control pressure limit: 2 MPa

● Pressure control mode: Dynamic boost

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