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automatic sampler自动进样器

PLA-GPA1000 Automatic sampler with atmosphere protection


PLA-GPA1000 Fully Automatic Sampler utilizes precision multi-axis motors for automatic sampling, delivering standardized experimental procedures, enhancing efficiency, and reducing human errors. The entire sampling process is conducted under carrier gas p
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Key Features

● Based on GPA1000 fully automated mechanical platform, efficiently completes the sampling and injection processes;

● Automatic position switching function achieved through precision multi-axis motors;

● Minimizes the impact of manual operations, ensuring testing accuracy and repeatability;

● Computer-human interaction software with intelligent user interface;

● Built-in various experimental methods, allowing customization and saving of experimental methods;

● Compatible with mainstream imported, domestic gas chromatographs, and various specialized sensors and detectors.


The PLA-GPA1000 fully automatic sampler utilizes precision multi-axis motors to automate the sampling, delivery, and injection processes, standardizing experimental procedures, improving efficiency, and reducing human errors.

During the entire sample delivery process, the PLA-GPA1000 fully automatic sampler is protected by carrier gas, effectively preventing air interference with the gases to be detected (CO, CH₄, H₂, O₂, C₂H₄, etc.) during photocatalytic CO₂ reduction. It is also compatible with mainstream imported and domestic gas chromatographs and can be used in conjunction with headspace samplers.

The injection needle of the PLA-GPA1000 fully automatic sampler uses a high-precision imported Hamilton microsyringe, allowing flexible adjustment of system sensitivity by changing the sample volume through software settings.

1mL specification imported Hamilton microsyringe 
Figure 1. 1 mL specification imported Hamilton microsyringe

The PLA-GPA1000 fully automatic sampler system utilizes computer-human interaction software with an intelligent user interface. The software includes various built-in experimental methods, allowing customization and saving of experimental methods.

PLA-GPA1000 control software main interface 
Figure 2. PLA-GPA1000 control software main interface


Technical Specifications

Sampling Needle Specification: 25 μL (standard imported HAMILTON special gas sampling needle)
Sampling Positions: 9
Injection/Sampling Times: 1~9999 times (or as set)
Sampling Interval Setting: 0~9999 s
Sampling Time: 40 s
Sampling Period: 1~9999 times
Sampling Reproducibility: RSD<0.8%
Cleaning Positions: 3 positions
Sampling Needle Cleaning Times Setting: 0~9
Gas Protection: Pressure 20 kPa (gauge pressure); Flow rate limit 150 mL/min
Compatible with Multiple Chromatographs: Height < 450 mm
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