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LightChem High pressure photochemical reactor


LightChem High pressure photochemical reactor
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The LightChem series multifunctional reactor is a desktop micro high-pressure reactor with a movable reactor head. The control and heating systems are independently designed, and the reactor head is non-fixed for easy mobility. It features an integrated design, rational structure, comprehensive functionality, a multi-functional operating menu, user-friendly operation.


Key Features

● Entirely constructed using 316L forged rod cutting process with no welding points, ensuring safety and durability;

● Includes a platform for powder catalyst placement, allowing for better gas-catalyst contact;

● Non-flange sealing method for uniform and safe pressure distribution;

● Fixed electric heating module for efficiently raising reactor temperature;

● Equipped with MRSC-LightChem control system for self-adjusting calibration of temperature, speed, and operation time;

● Equipped with a light source lifting platform for adjusting light direction and angle;


Application Areas

▲ Especially suitable ● Moderately suitable ○ Can be used

▲ High-temperature and high-pressure photo-thermal (electro) catalysis (e.g., CO₂ reduction, VOC degradation, nitrogen fixation, sulfur fixation, etc.)


Technical Specifications

● Effective Volume: 50~500 mL

● Irradiation Modes: Top illumination, side illumination, and bottom illumination

● Operating Temperature: Room temperature~250°C

● Heating Method: Module electric heating

● Operating Pressure: 10 MPa (20 MPa and 30 MPa optional)

● Structural Material: 316L stainless steel

● Agitation Method: Magnetic stirring or paddle mechanical stirring

● Stirring Speed: Stepless speed regulation 0~1200 rpm

● Reactor Configuration: Circular sapphire window with a visible diameter of Φ20 mm or Φ40 mm; 0~16 MPa pressure gauge, safety explosion-proof membrane; K-type thermocouple for reaction temperature measurement; Gas sampling valve (liquid sampling valve); Gas release valve;

● MRSC-LC Control System: Over-temperature and fault audio-visual alarm system; Timing function: Timing is divided into constant temperature timing and running timing modes; LCD display: Temperature, speed, and operation time;

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