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photoelectric reaction system光电反应系统

PEC1000 photoelectrochemical test system


PEC1000 photoelectrochemical test system
  • Introduction
  • Application
  • Literature
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Key Features

● Integrated equipment for a more compact space and simplified operation;

● High precision, automation, and digitization for more accurate experimental data;

● Specifically designed with a dedicated, uniformly adjustable optical fiber light source for photoelectrode irradiation;

● Versatile functionality, capable of measuring I-V, I-t, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, hydrogen and oxygen generation, Faraday efficiency, and more.


Application Areas

▲ Highly Suitable ● Moderately Suitable ○ Usable

▲ Specialized equipment for PEC photoelectrochemical applications

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[2] J. Zheng, Y. Lyu, M. Qiao, et al., Photoelectrochemical Synthesis of Ammonia on the Aerophilic-Hydrophilic Heterostructure with 37.8% Efficiency, Chem, 2019, 5, 617-633.

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