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photoelectric reaction system光电反应系统

LC-D Sapphire photochemical reactor


LC-D Sapphire photochemical reactor
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The LightChem series multifunctional reaction vessel is a desktop micro high-pressure reaction vessel with a movable head, featuring independently designed control and heating systems.

The LC-D Sapphire Photoelectrochemical Reaction Vessel, also known as the Photoelectrochemical and Catalytic High-Pressure Reaction Vessel, is developed based on high-pressure photochemical and high-pressure electrochemical reaction vessels. By combining the characteristics of high-pressure photocatalytic and high-pressure electrochemical reaction vessels, it achieves photoelectrochemical catalytic reactions under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.

Key Features

● Uses the MRSC-LC-D reaction vessel control system V1.06 for precise and reliable temperature control;

● Sapphire window, pressure-resistant, and high transmittance;

● Various high-temperature stirring methods, high-temperature magnetic or paddle mechanical stirring;

● Dual warning system for enhanced experimental safety;

● Flexible options and customization for reaction equipment adapted to various experimental systems.


▲ Especially Suitable ● Moderately Suitable ○ Can Be Used

▲ High-temperature and high-pressure photo(thermo) catalysis (e.g., CO₂ reduction, VOC degradation, nitrogen fixation, sulfur fixation, etc.)

Technical Specifications

● Effective volume: 500 mL

● Materials: Main body: Hastelloy C276, Window: Sapphire

● Operating temperature: Room temperature to 150°C (inside the vessel)

● Operating pressure: 10 MPa, pressure gauge range: 0-16 MPa, burst valve 12.5 MPa

● Heating method: 1.2 kW modular electric heating system

● Stirring method: Internal magnetic stirring, paddle mechanical stirring

● Stirring speed: Infinitely adjustable from 0 to 1200 rpm

● MRSC-LC-D control system V1.06: LCD display: temperature, speed, operating time; constant temperature timing or working timing; bidirectional stirring; audio-visual warning configuration;

● Accessories: 1 sampling tube, 1 needle valve, 1 three-way ball valve

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