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DN40 Photocatalytic Reaction System

DN40 Photocatalytic Reaction System
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Technical Parameters

Product Model


Reaction Type

Tubular Reactor

Continuous Flow or Semi-Batch

Wavelength of Light Source

365~760 nm

Multi-Wavelength Options

Light Source Type

Flexible LED Light Source

Long Lifespan

Unit Power

2 kW

Adjustable Light Power

Temperature Control Range


Suitable for Low-Temperature / Room Temperature Reactions

Processing Throughput

4 L

Suitable for Different Reaction Durations

Reaction Type

Homogeneous Liquid-Liquid/Liquid-Solid Reactions

Process Intensification

Built-in Mixer

Enhanced Mass and Heat Transfer

Reaction Vessel Material


Customized Based on Reaction Type

Liquid Flow Rate

42.2 L/min

Maximum Flow Rate (Adjustable Based on Reaction)

Device Dimensions

1500 mm × 480 mm × 800 mm

Applicable Reactions

UV-triggered substrate-initiated radical chain reactions, visible light-triggered catalyst-initiated radical reactions, simulation of reactions under sunlight

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