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Qingguang DN50 Photochemical Reaction System


● Based on DN40, it was developed to meet higher-level production demands.
● The original reaction tube diameter has been increased, and the overall pipeline of the reaction system has become longer.
● The internal light reaction has a longer reaction t
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  • Application
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  • Maintenance

Technical Parameters

Product Model


Reaction Form

Tubular Reactor

Continuous Flow or Semi-Batch

Light Source Wavelength

365 ~ 760 nm

Multiple Wavelengths Available

Light Source Type

FlexibleLEDLight Source

Long Lifespan

Unit Power

7.5 kW

Adjustable Light Power

Temperature Range


Suitable for both low-temperature and room-temperature reactions

Processing Capacity

14 L × 2

Meets various reaction durations for different reaction fluids


0 MPa

Operates at atmospheric pressure, suitable for sensitive reactions

Stirring Speed

0-1500 rpm

Flexible range for various types of solutions and suspensions

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