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L-level Photochemical Synthesis System


L-level Photochemical Synthesis System
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L-Level Photochemical Synthesis System, named for its reaction volume scale in liters. It is a flow reactor under light illumination, primarily used for medium to small-scale photochemical reactions. It provides the foundational support for larger-scale production equipment, especially in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, drug intermediates, and fine chemicals using photochemistry. It can also be used for laboratory-based photocatalytic reaction research.

Application Fields

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Medium to small-scale production:

Synthesis of pharmaceutical molecules

Organic photochemistry

Fine chemical synthesis

Liquid-phase photocatalytic reactions

Key Features

● High-power density flexible light source with long lifespan, customizable spectral ranges;

● Customizable dual light sources to improve light efficiency or for two-step consecutive reactions with dual-wavelength control;

● Cascade mode with a vessel and a tube reactor to achieve semi-batch cyclic flow systems, enhancing material conversion efficiency;

● Built-in intensively mixed L-level continuous flow tubular photochemical reactor to reduce side reactions caused by local high concentrations;

● Cooling by double water baths for material vessel and reaction tube, reducing heat-induced side reactions;

● Compatible with various non-homogeneous reaction systems, such as liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, and gas-liquid;

● Monitoring of material transport process for reaction control and condition adjustment;

● Historical operational data for the reaction system can be accessed and exported.

Basic Parameters

Reaction Module

● Reactor material: High borosilicate glass;

● Photoreaction tube volume: 1.2 L;

● Inner diameter of the photoreaction tube: 40 mm;

● Applicable temperature: Room temperature;

● Applicable pressure: Atmospheric pressure;

Light Source Module

● Light source type: Flexible LED;

● Light source wavelength: Standard 240 nm, customizable as needed;

● Light source power: Standard 600 W, customizable as needed;

General Parameters

● Circulation flow rate: ≤ 0.65 m/s;

● Material reaction vessel volume: 5 L, customizable volume as needed, additional light sources can be added;

● Dimensions: 930 x 600 x 1500 m^3;

  • Pharmaceutical Molecule Synthesis
  • Organic Photochemical Synthesis
  • Fine Chemical Product Synthesis
  • Liquid-Phase Photocatalytic Reactions
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