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Perfectlight Technology's 2022 Paper Award Policy

Perfectlight Technology has been running its paper reward program since 2017, and it has been over five years now. During this time, we have received strong support from numerous researchers. Our company's products have been cited in thousands of high-quality papers, and we have awarded nearly 500,000 RMB in total.

Among the awarded articles, some have been featured in prestigious journals such as Nature, Nature Energy, JACS (Journal of the American Chemical Society), Angewandte Chemie, and Advanced Materials. Others have been published in domestic journals like National Science Review and Chinese Journal of Catalysis. Researchers have explored a diverse range of topics, including photocatalytic water splitting for hydrogen production, photocatalytic CO₂ reduction, photosynthesis, photocatalytic degradation, and emerging areas like photothermal therapy, drug synthesis, and photodynamic therapy.

To drive scientific progress and express our gratitude for the support of researchers, Perfectlight Technology will continue its paper reward program in 2022, with a total reward fund of 100,000 RMB. We hope that researchers will continue to produce outstanding articles using Perfectlight's products. Below, we present the details of the paper reward policy:

Section 1: Reward Rules

1. Articles (main text or supplementary information) must clearly state the product name and model, and include the company name "Beijing Perfectlight Technology Co., Ltd." or "Beijing Perfectlight". Please ensure that the product model and the company name are correctly stated.

2. Applicants must be the first author (first author among co-first authors) or the corresponding author of the rewarded article. Each article can only be rewarded once. In cases where both the corresponding author and the first author of the same article apply for rewards, the application of the corresponding author will be considered. The same first author can apply for rewards for up to 2 articles per year; any applications beyond this limit will not be accepted. The same corresponding author can apply for rewards for up to 5 articles per year; any applications beyond this limit will not be accepted.

3. All qualified articles must include promotional content for Perfectlight Technology in the form of original articles for publication on the WeChat public account "Perfectlight Technology".

4. Ensure that there is no information about similar products from other companies in the same industry. Products of the same type listed in the reward list are included.

5. Image requirements: Images must clearly show Perfectlight Technology products. Illustrations that do not clearly represent our products will not pass the review.

6. The Impact Factor (IF) value should be based on the real-time IF at the time of the online application.

7. The online application period is valid from March 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022.

8. Review time: For applications submitted before the online period, it will take 3-5 working days for the initial review, and for applications submitted during the online period, it will take 20 working days for the review. After submitting the application via the QR code, please wait for the re-review email notification during the review period. Ensure the accuracy of the information provided during the initial application.

Section 2: Reward Criteria

Articles published in journals featuring Perfectlight Technology products will be rewarded according to the following criteria:

Perfectlight Technology 2022 Paper Reward Program.png

2022 Paper Reward Program.jpg

Section 3: Application Channel

Application Tips: 

1. To prevent notification emails from being directed to your spam folder, please avoid using campus email addresses when filling out the application form. Otherwise, there is a risk of email rejection or automatic categorization as spam.

2. Ensure correct and accurate spelling of the product model and company name: "Beijing Perfectlight Technology Co., Ltd." or "Beijing Perfectlight".

3. Avoid submitting a large number of articles together, as this may exceed the application time frame, and they may not be reviewed.

4. Double-check and ensure the accuracy of the email address. Please check your email regularly for prompt responses.

Perfectlight Technology 2022 Paper Reward Program.png

*The final interpretation of this policy belongs to Beijing Perfectlight Technology Co., Ltd.