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New Year, New Policy: Please Be Informed of Perfectlight Technology's 2023 Paper Award Policy!

Perfectlight Technology has been running its paper award program for over six years since its inception in 2017, with a total payout exceeding 600,000 RMB. During this time, it has received strong support from numerous researchers. The company's products have been cited in thousands of high-quality papers, accumulating a total bonus payout of over 600,000 RMB.

Several hot-selling products such as Labsolar-6A Full Glass Online Trace Gas Analysis System, PLS-FX300HU High Uniformity Integrated Xenon Lamp Light Source, MCP-WS1000 Photochemical Workstation, have been used multiple times in high-profile journals like Nature, Nature Energy, JACS, Angew, and AM. Researchers have been involved in various research areas, including photocatalytic water splitting for hydrogen production, photocatalytic CO reduction, photosynthesis, photocatalytic degradation, photothermal catalysis, seawater purification, and photochemical nitrogen fixation, among others.

Perfectlight Technology's 2023 Paper Award Policy.jpg

Perfectlight Technology's 2023 Paper Award Policy 2.jpg

In order to further advance the cause of science and express our gratitude to all researchers for their support towards Perfectlight Technology's work, Perfectlight Technology will continue its paper award program in 2023, with a total award amount of 100,000 RMB.

We hope that all researchers will use Perfectlight Technology's products to produce more outstanding articles. The paper award policy is as follows:

Award Rules

1. The product name and model must be clearly mentioned in the article (main text or SI), and it must include the company name "Beijing Perfectlight Technology Co., Ltd." or "Beijing Perfectlight." Please ensure that the product model and the correct company name are specified.

2. The applicant must be the first author of the paper (the first author among co-authors), or the corresponding author. Each article can only be submitted once, and in cases where the same article has both the corresponding author and the first author applying for the award, the application of the corresponding author will be considered. The same first author can apply for a maximum of 2 articles per year; applications for more than 2 articles will not be accepted. The same corresponding author can apply for a maximum of 5 articles per year; applications for more than 5 articles will not be accepted.

3. All eligible articles must write promotional articles for publication on the WeChat public account "Perfectlight Technology." These promotional articles must be original. If a promotional article is not original, a video explanation of the article must be provided.

4. No information regarding products from other companies in the same industry is allowed. Similar products from the award list are all included.

5. Image requirements: Images must clearly show that they are of Perfectlight Technology's products. Diagrams and images that cannot clearly show this will not pass the review.

6. The IF value is based on the real-time IF at the time of online submission.

7. The effective online period is from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023.

8. Review time: 3-5 working days before online and 20 working days after online. After submitting the application by scanning the code, please wait for the re-examination email notification within the review time. Please ensure the accuracy of the information filled in when scanning the code, as it will be the initial review condition.

Award Standards

For articles published in journals containing Perfectlight Technology products, the award standards are as follows:

Perfectlight Technology's 2023 Paper Award Policy.jpg

Perfectlight Technology's 2023 Paper Award Policy.jpg

Award Application Channel

Perfectlight Technology's 2023 Paper Award Policy Application Channel.jpg

*The final interpretation rights of this policy belong to Beijing Perfectlight Technology Co., Ltd.