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2023 Latest Impact Factor of Photophysics & Photocatalysis Journals.

On June 28th, Clarivate Analytics released the latest edition of the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and the 2022 SCI Impact Factors.

Unlike the general trend of increasing impact factors observed last year, this year has seen a varying degree of decline in the impact factors of many journals, whether they are renowned medical top journals or longstanding CNS (Central Nervous System) journals. At the same time, two significant adjustments have been made.

Change 1: Adjustment of Impact Factor Coverage

In the 2023 edition of the Journal Citation Reports™ (JCR™), impact factors will be assigned to all journals included in the Web of Science Core Collection. This means that the coverage of journal impact factors will expand from the Science Citation Index Expanded™ (SCIE™) and the Social Sciences Citation Index™ (SSCI™) journals to the Arts and Humanities Citation Index™ (AHCI™) and the multidisciplinary Emerging Sources Citation Index™ (ESCI™) journals. In other words, all journals included in the Web of Science Core Collection, including arts and humanities journals, will have Journal Impact Factors.

Change 2: Adjustment of Decimal Places in Impact Factor

In the 2023 edition of the Journal Citation Reports, journal impact factors will be retained to one decimal place instead of the current three decimal places. This change aims to encourage users to consider other indicators and descriptive data in the Journal Citation Reports when comparing journals. Since JIF will only have one decimal place, there will be more tied rankings for SCI/SSCI journals, potentially resulting in a different number of journals in each category.

Perfectlight Technology has compiled a list of journal names from all applications received since the launch of the paper award program. They have summarized 153 journals suitable for submissions in fields such as photochemistry, photocatalysis, photoelectrocatalysis, photodetection, and photothermal catalysis.

You can find the recent impact factors (including the latest) of these 153 journals at the end of this document;

The following descriptions are limited to the 153 journals listed below.


Most Journals Witness a Decrease in Impact Factor

Among the 153 journals compiled, except for two journals that reported their first impact factor values, only 29 journals showed an increase in their impact factors compared to the previous year. The rest experienced varying degrees of decline, with the largest drop reaching 31.55%.

Top journals like Nature and Science have shown significant fluctuations in recent years and also experienced a decline this year;

Angewandte Chemie had relatively minor fluctuations, with values of 16.823 in 2021 and 16.6 in 2022;

Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) experienced a significant drop of 8.44%, from 16.383 in 2021 to 15 in 2022.

Changes in Journal Impact Factors over the Past Five Years

Trends in Review Journals Show an Increase

In this category, Nature Reviews Materials from the Nature series has shown continuous growth over three years, with values of 66.308 in 2020, 76.679 in 2021, and a high of 83.5 in 2022.

Trends in Review Journals Show an Increase

Continuous Progress in Domestic Journals

While many journals witnessed a decrease in their impact factors, domestic journals have continued to make progress. SmartMat and CCS Chemistry achieved impressive first-time impact factors of 20.4 and 11.2, respectively!

Chinese Journal of Catalysis has shown continuous growth for five consecutive years, with growth rates exceeding 25%, and its impact factor has reached 16.5.

Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica is the journal with the highest increase this year, with a remarkable growth rate of 74.32%. In just five years, it has leaped from an impact factor of 1.05 to 10.9.

Continuous Progress in Domestic Journals

Perfectlight Technology Paper Award

Like all researchers, Perfectlight Technology continues to monitor industry developments related to research. The paper award program will also continue.

Perfectlight Technology Paper Award 2023

How to Check the Latest Journal Impact Factors

To check the recent impact factors (including the latest) of the 153 journals in the field of photochemistry and photocatalysis, follow these steps ↓

How to Check the Latest Journal Impact Factors
Data source: Clarivate Analytics, Higher Education Research.