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SLight Multi channel light panel


In the range of 350~750 nm, the SLight lamp panel can accurately simulate the AM1.5G solar spectrum with a fitting accuracy of ±10% at 50 nm, surpassing the A-level standard for solar simulators, and delivering an output power greater than 250 mW/cm².
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SLight lamp panel accurately simulates the AM1.5G solar spectrum within the range of 350~750 nm, with a fitting accuracy of ±10% at 50 nm, far exceeding the A-level standard for solar simulators, and an output energy greater than 250 mW/cm2.

Additionally, the SLight lamp panel is equipped with a wireless communication module, allowing it to connect to the PL-IOT IoT device management system. Through IoT operations, it enables remote control for outputting monochromatic light or combinations of multiple wavelengths.


Key Features

● Spectral flexibility for tunable spectrum output;

● IoT connectivity for data storage and method invocation;

● Equipped with a WIFI module for remote control. Besides AM1.5G, it can achieve free combinations of various wavelengths;


Application Areas

▲ Highly Suitable ● Moderately Suitable ○ Can Be Used  

▲ Perform photochemical experiments simulating the solar spectrum in conjunction with the PCX50C Multi-Channel Photochemical Reaction System;

▲ Photocatalytic quantum efficiency



Technical Specifications

● Spectral Range: AM 1.5G-UV Wavelength: 360~760 nm; AM 1.5G-V Wavelength: 400-760 nm;

● Maximum Power per LED Module: ≥18 W;

● LED Constant Current Source Driver Circuit Resolution: 1 mA, Absolute Accuracy: ±2 mA;

● AM 1.5G Fitting Accuracy: Spectrum matching better than A-level, ±10% at 50 nm intervals;

● WIFI connectivity to the internet for remote control.

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