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xenon light source氙灯

XES-40S3-TT-200 AAAXenon lamp source

XES-40S3-TT-200 AAA级太阳光模拟器

The XES-40S3-TT-200 AAA-grade solar light simulator features dual shutter timer functionality; user-friendly operation, stable performance; supports remote optical shutter control; and has a built-in overheat protection device for the light source.
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Key Features

● Features dual shutter timer functionality;

● Convenient operation, stable performance;

● Supports remote optical shutter control;

● Built-in overheat protection device for the light source;

● Equipped with a lamp tube usage timer device;

● Meets AAA-grade requirements for spectral matching, irradiance uniformity, and time stability.


Application Areas

▲ Particularly Suitable     ● Moderately Suitable   ○ Can Be Used

▲ Quantum Efficiency Measurement for Photocatalysis       ▲ Photoelectrochemical (PEC)       ▲ Solar Cell Testing

○ Photocatalytic Hydrogen/Oxygen Production from Water       ○ Photocatalytic Complete Water Splitting       ○ Photocatalytic CO₂ Reduction       ○ Photoinduced Color Change

○ Photosynthesis         ○ Membrane Photocatalysis

○ Photodegradation of Gaseous Pollutants (such as VOCs, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, etc.)

○ Photodegradation of Liquid Pollutants (such as dyes, benzene, and benzene derivatives)

KGS-40S3-TT AAA Grade Solar Light Simulator Parameters 1.jpg

Technical Specifications

● Radiating Area: 40x40 mm2

● Spectral Matching: AM1.5 G (Grade A)

● Time Instability: <1% (Grade A)

● Irradiance Uniformity: ±2% (Grade A)

● Initial Radiant Intensity: 1.0 sun

● Adjustable Irradiance: 70%~130%

● Average Lamp Life: 2000 hours; Warranty 1000 hours

● Beam Divergence: ±4°

● Shutter Control Time: 0.1 s~9990 h

Light Output Direction

● Vertical Down, Vertical Up, Horizontal Left, Horizontal Right

● 45° Lens Reflection

● Expandable attenuated light and different spectral segment output functions

● Rated Input Voltage: AC 100 V~220 V±10% 50/60 Hz

● Environmental Conditions: Temperature: 5~35 ℃ (RT value); Humidity: 20%~85% (RH value)


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