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xenon light source氙灯

PLS-AL150/300 Light source with continuously adjustable wavelength


The PLS-AL150300 continuous wavelength adjustable light source features a unique optical component design, offering higher monochromaticity and better stray light suppression. It comes equipped with an electric filter wheel, making it easy to operate and
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Key Features

● Utilizes a unique optical component design for higher monochromaticity and better stray light suppression;

● Can be equipped with an electric filter wheel for easy and convenient operation;

● Offers a broader wavelength scanning range to meet the needs of photocatalysis and solar cell research across a wide wavelength spectrum.


Application Areas

▲ Particularly Suitable ● Moderately Suitable ○ Can Be Used

▲ Quantum Efficiency Measurement for Photocatalysis ▲ Solar Cell Testing

● Photoelectrochemical (PEC) ● Microfluidic Reactors ● Optical Absorption Testing


Technical Specifications

● Focal Length: 150 mm

● F-number (F/N): F/2.5

● Stray Light: 5×10-4

● Step Size Limit: 1 nm

● Grating Type: High-quality imported double gratings

● Grating Effective Area: 45×45 mm2

● Grating Groove Density: 2400 L (multiple specifications available)

● Grating Blaze Wavelength: 1#: 300 nm, 2#: 780 nm

● Wavelength Output Range: 350~750 nm

● Adjustable Slit Width: 0.01~3 nm continuously manually adjustable

● Filter Wheel (optional): Eliminates secondary diffraction, four-position electric filter wheel

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