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teaching demonstration教学演示系统

PLR DHEU-I Demonstration system of hydrogen energy utilization

PLR DHEU-I氢能利用演示系统

From Solar Energy to Chemical Energy, from Electrical Energy to Kinetic Energy, Witness the Visible Energy Conversion. The PLR DHEU-I Hydrogen Utilization Demonstration System provides a vivid and intuitive demonstration, touching the power of science, sp
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Key Features

● Visible energy conversion from solar energy to chemical energy, and from electrical energy to kinetic energy;

● Intuitive and vivid demonstrations, touching the power of science, sparking interest in learning;

● Complete accessories for easy and versatile expansion;

● Easy operation and simple maintenance.



▲ Particularly Suitable ● Moderately Suitable ○ Applicable

▲ Popular Science Education of Hydrogen Utilization

▲ Photocatalysis Teaching


Technical Specifications

● Operating Voltage: 220 VAC/50 Hz, 1A (Wide voltage input, 110~260 VAC)

● Light Source: 100 W High-power LED (Standard 365 nm, optional cool white light); Integrated software control, real-time setting of light source current, voltage, and power

● Volume Measurement Method: Sensor module detection, real-time digital display of volume (mL), drop number, flow rate, and running time; Hydrogen conversion to electrical energy voltage and current, real-time digital display; Accurate volume measurement for different regions and needle types can be achieved by adjusting the proportionality coefficient

● Hydrogen Fuel Cell: Operating voltage approximately 0.5~0.7 V, operating current approximately 15~20 mA

● Temperature Control: Equipped with constant temperature water jacketed reactor, U-shaped light window, clamping sleeve fastening, reactor volume approximately 160 mL (specific volume reference to factory calibration)

● Gas Collection Bottle: Can achieve water drainage gas collection and water discharge gas exhaust

● Dimensions: 500 (L)×454 (W)×215 (H) mm


Representative Publications:

Representative Publications of Hydrogen Utilization Demonstration System

  • Popular Science Education of Hydrogen Utilization
  • Photocatalysis Teaching
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