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PLS PGL-O1000 LED Large Area Irradiation Light Source

PLS PGL-O1000 LED大面积辐照光源

PLS PGL-O1000 LED Large Area Irradiation Light Source
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PLS PGL-O1000 LED Large-Area Irradiation Light Source is an integrated system featuring high-power LEDs, designed for irradiation. It utilizes a reflector cup to optimize light energy output, thereby increasing light energy utilization to a certain extent while maintaining a degree of irradiation uniformity on the working surface.

PLS PGL-O1000 LED Large-Area Irradiation Light Source offers a spectrum with multiple wavelength options, allowing for customization of single-wavelength, composite light, or simulated sunlight. This makes it suitable for square meter-scale irradiation reaction systems. Additionally, it can be applied to surface and three-dimensional space disinfection and sterilization, including the photoinactivation of light-sensitive viruses.

Application Areas

▲ Particularly Suitable ● Moderately Suitable ○ Can Be Used

▲ Suitable for square meter-scale photocatalysis systems.

▲ Ideal for spatial irradiation.

Key Features

● High-power LED source for square meter-scale irradiation.

● Compatible with various high-power LEDs.

● Convenient and reliable PLC control with a layered temperature control strategy ensures safety.

● Mobile stand with continuously adjustable irradiation angles.

Technical Specifications

● Irradiation Area:0.9x0.6 m

● Irradiation Uniformity:70%

● Adjustable Irradiation Intensity Range:10%~100%

● Human-Machine Interaction:Display of power supply status, radiator temperature, and timer function, among others.

● Safety Protections:Active and passive overheating protection.

● Service Life:12,000 hours

  • 平米级光催化体系辐照
  • 空间照射
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