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surface photovoltage表面光电压

PL-TPV Transient surface photovoltage spectrometer


PL-TPV Transient surface photovoltage spectrometer
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Key Features

● All key components utilize original imported equipment, including Nd: YAG laser, preamplifier, photomultiplier tube, energy meter, etc;

● Intuitively reflects the dynamic information such as the separation direction, separation efficiency, and charge lifetime of photogenerated charges;

● An effective means to study the behavior of photogenerated charges on a nanosecond scale, with advantages such as non-contact and non-destructive testing;

● Long-term in-depth collaboration with Professor Dejun Wang from Jilin University, offering technical services including instrument usage, spectrum analysis, and data interpretation.



▲ Particularly Suitable ● Moderately Suitable  ○ Applicable   

▲ Study the dynamic information of photogenerated charge separation;

● Drift during photogenerated charge separation process;

● Diffusion during photogenerated charge separation process;

▲ Study the information of photogenerated charge separation and recombination process;

● Speed of separation;

● Separation direction;

● Separation mode;


Technical Specifications

● Nd:YAG Laser: Pulse Width: 6~8 ns; Laser Spot Size: 4.5 mm; Laser Output Energy: 330 mJ@1064 nm, 160 mJ@532 nm, 60 mJ@355 nm; Laser Output Frequency: ≤20 Hz

● Preamplifier: Input Impedance: 100 MΩ; Output Impedance: 1 kΩ; Frequency: 1 GHz

● Digital Oscilloscope: Bandwidth: 500 MHz; Channels: 4, Rise Time: 5 ns;

● Energy Meter: Range: 10 μJ ~150 mJ  


Typical Clients

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