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solar test platform太阳能电池测试系统

PL-IV Solar cell test system

PL-IV 太阳能电池测试系统

PL-IV Solar cell test system
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Key Features

● Standard solar cells provided by the metrology department, traceable to ISO 9000, ensuring accurate measurement data.

● Standard solar cells can be customized to single-crystal silicon or polycrystalline silicon as per customer requirements. They undergo aging and selection to choose stable and uniformly surfaced cells for full-sealed packaging.

● Solar cells feature a radiation-resistant glass protective window with good transparency and a photosensitive adhesive with a similar refractive index for window sealing.

● Both the solar cells and temperature sensors use Kelvin four-wire connection.

● Support for exporting data in various formats and automatic generation of standard test reports.


Application Areas

▲ Especially suitable ● Moderately suitable ○ Can be used

▲ Comprehensive measurement and calculation of solar cell characteristics and parameters.

● Short-circuit current (Isc)

● Current density (Jsc)

● Open-circuit voltage (Voc)

● Fill Factor (FF)

● Cell efficiency (η)

● Power (P)

● Current at maximum power (Imax)

● Voltage at maximum power (Vmax)


Technical Specifications

● Calibration irradiance: 1000 W/m2

● Emission spectrum range: 300 ~ 1100 nm

● Irradiance non-uniformity: ≤ ±5%

● Zoom function: Available (can change the size of the light output spot)

● Standard cell conversion efficiency: >16%, FF > 0.7

● Photovoltaic device dimensions: 20 mm x 20 mm

● Accuracy: 0.012%

● Power: 20 W

● Measurement range: Optional high voltage (1100 V) or high current (3 A) source/measurement (A)

● Wide dynamic range: 10 pA~10 A, 1 µV~1100 V, 20 W~1000 W

● Software measurement parameters: Voc, Isc, Jsc, Vmax, Imax, Pmax, FF, Rsc, Roc

● Software supports multiple data export formats and can automatically generate standard test reports.

● Standard cells include a standard measurement certificate from the Chinese Institute of Metrology.


Typical Customers

PL-IV Solar Cell Testing System

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