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PLS-MECF Two-cell Alkaline Electrolyzer


The PLS-MECF Series Double-Chamber Alkaline Electrolysis Cell is a laboratory testing equipment developed independently by Perfectlight Technology. It features high efficiency, stability, and a long lifespan. This series includes two models: PLS-MECF-01 D
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The PLS-MECF series double-chamber alkaline electrolysis cell is a testing equipment designed and developed by Perfectlight Technology for laboratory applications. It features high efficiency, stability, and a long lifespan, and includes two models: PLS-MECF-01 double-chamber alkaline electrolysis cell and PLS-MECF-02 visual double-chamber alkaline electrolysis cell.

PLS-MECF-01 is mainly used in the field of electrocatalytic reactions, hydrogen production teaching demonstrations, and fuel cell research under alkaline and liquid flow conditions.

PLS-MECF-02 is suitable for the photocatalytic water splitting reaction under alkaline and liquid flow conditions.


Application Areas

▲ Especially Suitable   ● Rather Suitable  ○ Can Be Used

▲ Electrocatalytic Reactions

▲ Hydrogen Production Teaching Demonstrations

▲ Fuel Cells

▲ Photocatalytic Water Splitting


Key Technical Features

1. The cell is equipped with double-sealed strips for excellent sealing and no leakage.

2. The flow field plate is made of titanium alloy, and the upper and lower fixing plates are made of stainless steel with chrome plating for corrosion resistance.

3. Multiple flow field designs, standard is serpentine and parallel flow fields, and other types can be customized (e.g., spiral, mesh, vein, comb-like).

PLS-MECF Series Double-Chamber Alkaline Electrolysis Cell.jpg

4. Multiple choices for the effective active area of the electrode, standard is 5x5 cm2, and customizations available in 1x1 cm2, 2x2 cm2, 3x3 cm2, 4x4 cm2, to meet different catalyst usage experiments.

5. Compatible with anion exchange membranes and cation exchange membranes to suit different experimental scenarios.

6. PLS-MECF-02 features a visual cell body with a PMMA material, with optional quartz glass, suitable for photocatalytic water splitting research.

7. Optional temperature control module for controlling the reaction temperature in the range of 15~85 °C.

8. Simple and convenient structure for easy disassembly and assembly.

PLS-MECF Series Double-Chamber Alkaline Electrolysis Cell.jpg

Usage Scenarios

Technical Specifications

● Input Voltage Range: 0~6 V;

● Input Current Range: 0~20 A;

● Power Supply: Constant Current DC Power Supply;

● Operating Humidity Range: 15~85 °C;

● Hydrogen Production Rate: 0~140 mL/min;

● Electrolyte Flow Rate: 5~300 mL/min;

● Electrolyte: 1 M KOH;

● Diameter: Φ6 mm;

● Membrane Type: Anion Exchange Membrane: FAA-3-PK-75/FAAM-75-PK; Cation Exchange Membrane: Nafion117;

● Electrode Effective Area: Standard: 5x5 cm2; Customizable: 1x1 cm2, 2x2 cm2, 3x3 cm2, 4x4 cm2;

● Dimensions: PLS-MECF-01: 11x11x3.4 cm; PLS-MECF-02: 11x11x4.2 cm;

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