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catalytic reaction system催化反应系统

PLS-MRRS Catalytic Reaction System

PLS-MRRS Catalytic Reaction System
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The PLS-MRRS catalytic reaction system is a fixed-bed catalytic activity evaluation device suitable for thermal catalytic reactions, allowing both gases and liquids to participate in the reaction. Key parameters such as temperature and pressure can reach a maximum of 800°C and 3.0 MPa, making it suitable for a wide range of catalytic reaction conditions.

The PLS-MRRS catalytic reaction system has a four-stage series reaction furnace, where the residual reactants and products from the previous stage react directly in the next stage reaction unit. The products of each reaction furnace can be connected to detection devices for product analysis. It can be used in various thermal catalytic reaction systems such as catalytic hydrogenation and catalytic methane reforming.

To meet the requirements of multi-stage series catalytic reactions, the PLS-MRRS catalytic reaction system can be connected to multiple slave units, allowing for up to four-stage series catalytic reactions. The slave system shares the same structure as the main system and includes pipe heating modules, reaction system modules, and post-treatment modules. Each slave unit can independently control reaction conditions and product separation and analysis, effectively optimizing complex series catalytic reaction conditions.


Applicable Catalytic Reaction Types

● Methane reforming, methanol-H₂O reforming, CO₂ reduction, hydrogenation reaction, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, VOC degradation, and CO oxidation, among others.

Key Features

● Four-stage series reaction furnaces, allowing selection of a single reaction furnace or multiple reaction furnaces as needed;

● Wide range of reaction conditions, with a maximum reaction temperature of 800°C and maximum reaction pressure of 3.0 MPa;

● Comprehensive reaction process, including control modules, feeding modules, preheating modules, reaction modules, and safety protection modules, meeting the requirements of most thermal catalytic reaction conditions;

● Capable of transporting both atmospheric and high-pressure liquids;

● 10.2-inch screen software control system, real-time monitoring of multiple parameters during the reaction process;

● Upper computer software control with a human-computer interaction network interface, enhancing the user experience;

● Various reactor specifications available, suitable for different catalyst dosage systems;

● Utilizes hardware and software dual control, with a fire prevention system in the raw gas path, ensuring high safety during operation.


The PLS-MRRS catalytic reaction system primarily consists of the control module, feeding module, preheating module, reaction module, and safety protection module.

Control Module

The control module of the PLS-MRRS catalytic reaction system controls the entire catalytic reaction system through a 10.2-inch screen software. The built-in upper computer software can control important catalytic reaction parameters such as temperature and flow rate in real time, displaying information on feed flow, reaction temperature, preheating temperature, vaporization temperature, heating temperature, and reaction pressure.

Feeding Module

The feeding module of the PLS-MRRS catalytic reaction system includes 4 routes for gas feeding and 1 route for liquid feeding. It can regulate the pressure of the raw gas through pressure control valves to precisely control gas flow. The feeding module also includes a flame arrester to ensure the safe use of flammable gases. The plunger pump in the feeding module accurately controls the entry of liquid feedstock into the vaporization chamber, where it undergoes complete vaporization at high temperatures before entering the preheating module.

Preheating Module

The preheating module of the PLS-MRRS catalytic reaction system preheats the mixed gas feedstock and vaporized liquid feedstock, with preheating temperatures reaching a maximum of 600°C. All pipelines in the preheating module are heated to prevent condensation and adsorption of high-temperature feedstock. The pipe heating temperature can reach a maximum of 250°C.

Reaction Module

The reaction module of the PLS-MRRS catalytic reaction system uses a program-controlled temperature design and can set 16-stage heating and insulation curves. The reactor in the reaction module is available in different capacities. Each stage of the reaction unit includes a post-condenser and gas-liquid separator for online detection of liquid and gas products.

Safety Protection Module

The safety protection module in the PLS-MRRS catalytic reaction system is equipped with hardware and software double control to protect against over-temperature and over-pressure during the reaction process. In case of leaks, malfunction, or user-defined safety issues, it activates chain protection and gas alarms, among other protective measures.

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