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In May, the national standard GB/T 13786-2022 'Simulated Daylight Illumination for Cotton Grading Rooms' is about to be released. What you may not know is...

During the pandemic, the progress of offline work in various industries has been frequently hindered. 

At this special moment, Perfectlight, in order to ensure that after-sales service never closes, has made various plans. While striving to maintain normal offline services, we have also opened an additional fast-response channel for users: online service. This project will officially launch on April 1, 2022.

Perfectlight Technology Can Provide Online Services.jpg

1. The products covered by online services are as follows: 

Products Covered by Perfectlight Technology's Online Services (1).jpg

2. Types of issues that can be resolved through online services include: 

  • Online training 

  • Online installation and debugging

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Equipment overhaul

  • Accessory replacement 

3. How to quickly access online services

Super simple! You only need 1 step to contact an engineer.  

You can directly call the dedicated contact: Engineer Wei Chao, at 13572822724 

Alternatively, you can add the engineer on WeChat and solve problems more intuitively through photos and videos.  

Perfectlight Technology After-sales Engineer Wei Chao.jpg

To ensure that you can quickly access online services when needed, we suggest you bookmark this message or scan the QR code above to add WeChat in advance. 

To improve communication efficiency, please include your school name and your name when sending a friend request.  

4. We recommend seeking online services during the following times for a faster response:

Weekdays 9:00-12:00  13:00-18:00 

If you have any feedback on the launch of online services, please leave your comments below. We look forward to your feedback.