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Perfectlight Technology Online Poster Competition, inviting you to participate!

Endless sea of learning, let's embark on it;

Surpass the limits, create possibilities!

To facilitate the exchange of academic achievements among researchers, Perfectlight Technology will host the first "Perfectlight Technology Online Poster Competition" from September 20th to October 20th, 2022.

The competition is open to all researchers and students in the following fields: photochemistry, photoelectrochemistry, photothermal catalysis, and photocatalysis, including but not limited to areas such as photocatalytic hydrogen production, photodegradation, photoreduction, photothermal CO₂ reduction, photovoltaic hydrogen production, and photosynthesis.

We welcome everyone to enthusiastically participate in this competition. By doing so, you not only enhance the impact of your research results but also have the chance to win prizes!

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1. Submission Requirements

The works submitted to Perfectlight Technology Online Poster Competition:

Must be newly created posters, using the fixed template of this competition for background images. Both Chinese and English forms are accepted, in portrait orientation;

It is recommended that the content of the poster be presented using intuitive graphics and charts to showcase the participant's main research results, accompanied by concise explanations to allow interested parties to understand the author's research findings and conclusions in just a few minutes;

If the participant's poster relates to a published paper, please provide information such as the paper's title, authors, journal name, publication date, page numbers, DOI, etc., for easy reference. Extra points will be awarded for works with video explanations.

2. Competition Process

Stage 1: Preliminary Review

Step 1: Scan to Register

Scan the QR code to add WeChat and get information on submitting posters and the poster template.

Perfectlight Technology Online Poster Competition WeChat Customer Service.jpg


Step 2: After registering, submit the poster within the specified time for review.

Submission Method: Details will be provided via WeChat after adding;

Submission Period: From now until October 11th (Tuesday);

Poster Format: Should be an image, in either jpg or png format;

Poster Dimensions: Width 90 cm × Height 120 cm.


Stage 2: Poster Display and Evaluation

All posters will be displayed on the "Micro Poster" mini-program, and the earlier you submit, the earlier it will be displayed~

Evaluation of works consists of two parts: Poster Popularity + Professional Review Scores.

Poster Popularity includes likes, comments, and views, with a total score of 50 points. The final score in this dimension will be determined based on popularity ranking. The top-ranked participant will receive 50 points, and so on;

Professional Review Scores will be divided into 3 dimensions:

Perfectlight Technology Online Poster Competition Evaluation Criteria.jpg

Extra points (1~10 points) can be awarded based on the quality of the video explanation, if provided.


Stage 3: Announcement of Winners

We will select 6 outstanding poster works based on the poster popularity and professional review scores, awarding first, second, and third prizes.


3. Competition Prizes

Perfectlight Technology Online Poster Competition Prizes.jpg

The list of winners will be announced on the October 20th, 2022, on the Perfectlight Technology official account.

Additional Notes:

● The final decision and interpretation of this event belong to Perfectlight Technology;

● The posters submitted by participants should be their original creations; otherwise, participation will be disqualified;

● Once posters are submitted, participants agree to authorize Perfectlight Technology for external publication.