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Triple Hit in Hong Kong! The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong City University, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology successively introduce the Perfectlight Flat Panel Light (Electric) Reaction Device

In this era of flourishing domestic scientific research instruments, Poflay persists in providing independent research and development innovative equipment for scientists worldwide. We deeply understand that each technological breakthrough and innovation attempt is a crucial step for Poflay towards excellence. Recently, Poflay has successfully introduced its latest research equipment into Hong Kong, establishing close collaborations with three renowned universities: the University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This not only highly affirms Poflay's research and development capabilities but also signifies the further expansion of Poflay's influence on the international stage.

Poflay has been actively exploring and developing in the field of Flat Panel Light (Electric) Reaction Devices, accumulating rich technical experience and achievements in both small-scale laboratory verification and large-scale outdoor engineering verification. The devices installed in the three universities in Hong Kong showcase Poflay's relentless pursuit of innovation in the field of scientific research equipment.


The Customized Project for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

To meet the specific needs of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in wastewater treatment research, Poflay specially customized the PLR WTCD-05O Photocatalytic Water Treatment Device. This device not only enables precise research in the laboratory using LED light sources but also meets the practical application requirements under outdoor sunlight.

PLR WTCD-05O Photocatalytic Water Treatment Device

Key Features:

  • The PLR WTCD-05O Photocatalytic Water Treatment Device utilizes our independently developed low-cost, high-precision dual-logic tracking system. It has the following two major characteristics:

    • The average alignment accuracy of the tracking system's sensors is less than 0.3° deviation error, adapting to a wide range of variations in solar irradiance. The sensor's accuracy is much higher than sensors with a 2° deviation error commonly found in the market.

    • The device can communicate based on geographical location, using the BeiDou system to provide solar azimuth and elevation coordinates. Even in situations like cloud cover, it can continue to track the sun, ensuring no loss of target.

  • The PLR WTCD-05O Photocatalytic Water Treatment Device comes with its own upper computer software, featuring mode setting definition, real-time data collection, display, and output functions, providing great convenience for researchers.

  • The PLR WTCD-05O Photocatalytic Water Treatment Device adopts a flat-panel photocatalytic reactor with a larger photoelectric electrode area, further enhancing water treatment efficiency.

The customized device for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has a reaction area of 27×27 cm², meeting the load requirements of 5 L and allowing for cyclic processing. To adapt to diverse application scenarios, Poflay also provides customized services for engineering-grade equipment.

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University of Hong Kong/City University of Hong Kong - Square Meter Level Flat Panel Reaction Device

In recent years, Poflay has launched the PLR-SPR series flat-panel photochemical reaction device, which has provided strong research support for institutions such as Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and Tsinghua University.

PLR-SPR series flat-panel photochemical reaction device

Flat-panel photochemical reaction device

This series of reaction devices have enabled the industrial-scale verification of photocatalysts synthesized in the laboratory under direct sunlight. Compared to traditional kettle-type reactors, flat-panel reactors have advantages such as larger illuminated area, higher uniformity of catalyst illumination, higher mass transfer efficiency between reactants and catalysts, and a smaller amplification effect. They are the preferred choice for the transformation of photocatalytic reaction systems for outdoor applications.

Advantages of flat-panel reactors

Based on these advantages, Poflay has also customized the PLR-SPRG10 Photocatalytic Flat Panel Reactor for the University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong. This device has undergone comprehensive upgrades in design, materials, and installation methods, further enhancing the overall performance and ease of use of the equipment.

PLR-SPRG10 Photocatalytic Flat Panel Reactor


Integrated one-piece design

  • Integrated one-piece design: The overall structural design of the device is more reasonable, enhancing the convenience of the equipment and its ability to withstand complex outdoor environments.

  • The reactor uses higher-strength high-transparency glass, greatly improving its resistance to acid and alkali corrosion.

  • The reactor has upgraded to a new sealing structure, using a U-shaped card slot for fixation, making installation and disassembly more convenient.

This successful collaboration between Poflay and the three major universities in Hong Kong not only demonstrates profound technical strength but also strongly proves Poflay's determination to continuously innovate and progress in the global scientific research equipment industry. In the future, we will continue to enhance innovative technology and research and development capabilities, providing researchers with even better products and services.