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Latest 2024 Impact Factors for Photocatalysis Journals

On June 11, Clarivate’s official WeChat account announced that the 2024 Journal Citation Reports will include unified rankings across subject categories, helping to simplify journal evaluations.

As a result, the biggest change in this year's JCR is: journals belonging to different databases but the same subject will be ranked together.

Just yesterday, the latest 2024 Impact Factors were released!

Boffilai, as in previous years, swiftly compiled the Impact Factors (including the latest and past six years) for 166 journals in fields such as photochemistry, photocatalysis, photoelectrocatalysis, photoelectrosensing, and photothermal catalysis.


Hot News

Among the 166 journals compiled, only 14 journals showed an upward trend in their IF values compared to last year, while the rest showed varying degrees of decline, with the largest drop reaching 59.02%.


Top journals like Nature and Science continue to decline this year.

The fluctuation for Angew is minimal: 16.6 in 2022, 16.1 in 2023;

JACS saw a decline of 4%, with the latest Impact Factor dropping below 15 to 14.4 in 2023, down from 15 in 2022.

Top Journal IF Values

Review journals are showing a downward trend;

Review Journals

Domestic journals continue to gain momentum;

Domestic Journals Gaining Momentum


How to check the latest Impact Factors of journals


To view all the Impact Factors (including the latest) for the 166 photochemistry & photocatalysis-related journals over recent years, follow the steps below ↓


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Top 50 IFs Preview

To view the full version, scan the QR code above and follow the official account, then reply with the number "10"!

Top 50 IFs

Data source: Clarivate