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Recruitment for the Perfectlight Technology 2021 PhD Student Forum is Now Open!

In order to create a rich learning environment for doctoral students, facilitating discussions on individual research topics with peers and experts, acquiring cutting-edge knowledge and professional guidance, and providing opportunities for doctoral students to closely interact and collaborate with experts in their respective fields, Perfectlight Technology will be hosting a Doctoral Student Forum Seminar in 2021 and is currently recruiting participants!


Objective of the Event:


  1. To promote academic exchange and interdisciplinary interactions among doctoral students specializing in photocatalysis and related research fields, offering a space and platform for the exchange of ideas, sharing experiences, and fostering friendships among peers from both domestic and international backgrounds.

  2. By strengthening communication and interaction among peers, the event aims to enhance and advance the community of doctoral students specializing in photocatalysis and related research fields in terms of academic atmosphere, innovation, paper quality, and research output.

  3. Through various activities within the forum, the event seeks to stimulate the research enthusiasm of master's and undergraduate students in the field of photocatalysis and its expansion, fostering a close-knit and enduring young academic community, and expanding its influence in domestic and international academic circles and society.

  4. Invited young teachers and experts in relevant research fields from both domestic and international settings to provide evaluations and suggestions for the participants' papers, with the goal of improving the doctoral students' paper writing and academic communication skills.


Regular Activities of the Doctoral Student Forum:


  1. Conduct cutting-edge academic research lectures.

  2. Organize lectures related to research methods and paper publication.

  3. Host academic experience sharing sessions for doctoral students.

  4. Organize a poster exchange reception for doctoral students.

Recruitment Targets:

Doctoral students currently enrolled, totaling 20-30 participants.

Note: Specific dates and venues are subject to the COVID-19 prevention and control situation.